Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind

17 Differences In How The Rich Think

Everyone wants to be rich, but if it was so easy, EVERYONE would be rich.

The truth is, it is not easy!

There are thousands of books on the subject, but more than likely the only one getting rich, is the author.

That’s because it isn’t easy!

But if you do want to become rich you have to start thinking rich.

Thinking in the same way successful and rich people do.

That’s a start right there.

Then it takes luck and opportunity and hard work.

But like Henry Ford said ” I am a great believer in luck, the harder I work, the more luck I seem to get”.

Yeah, its not easy. But thinking positively and thinking correctly helps. Helps a lot.

If you want to adopt a millionaire mindset and get rich then you need to understand a few things so you know why and what you have to do to get started.

Each of has a money blueprint. An internal set of beliefs installed within us when we were young.

Our money blueprint is like a thermostat, the default financial settings we possess.

Our settings usually make sure we go back to a comfortable temperature.

That’s the reason many lottery winners go broke again.

All that we feel and think about money is not our own but has been taught to us when we were young.

This conditioning has programmed us to think and act in certain ways about money.

And lo and behold it comes to pass!

When you are aware of this and understand it, you can begin to disassociate from it and then start reconditioning your SELF.

One of the most powerful ways to recondition your SELF is through the constant repetition of statements or affirmations that declare your positive intentions to think differently.

This creates a powerful resonance in your life that leads to other positive thoughts accumulating upon the others.

This snowball effect can bring about a dramatic shift in your conditioning and thereby in your life and in the results you gain out of life.

A powerful secret indeed.

Sending powerful messages to your subconscious mind.


Ask your SELF these questions:

#1: Do you believe you create your life or that life just happens to you.

#2: Do you play the money game to win or do you play not to lose.

#3: Are you committed to being rich or do you want to be rich.

#4: Do you think big or do you think small.

#5: Do you focus on opportunities or obstacles.

#6: Do you admire rich people or resent them.

#7: Do you associate with positive successful people or negative unsuccessful people.

#8: Do you sell and promote your value or do you think negatively about this.

#9: Are you bigger than your problems or are you smaller than they are.

#10: Do you like to receive or are you poor receiver.

#11: Do you like to choose to get paid on results or based on time.

#12: Do you think “both” or “either/or”.

#13: Do you focus on your net worth or on your working income.

#14: Do you manage your money well or mismanage it.

#15: Does your money work hard for you or do you work hard for your money.

#16: Do you act in spite of fear or does fear stop you.

#17: Do you constantly learn or do you know it all already.

Learn to think the same way millionaire’s think and your half way there!.